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crosswords and puzzles

to keep your mind working and thinking about golf. 🙂

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putting for pennies


a balancing act


golf bag coloring

Two options here, keep it simple and color a golf bag or use the template that asks you to answer questions in each of the blocks using words or pictures. Have fun! If you would like to show us your creation, send to Jeanne@FirstTeeGCNKY.org.

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chipping with coach tim

full swing!

relax with paper oragami

how to make a proper drop…easter edition

pool putting with coach emily

minute to win it – stacking golf balls

creative indoor putting


from our partner at crc…healthy habit: gratitude journal


friday at the farm




Show us your golf inspired sidewalk art! Putt-putt holes…names made with golf items…nice messages for your neighbors to see during their walks…whatever it is, golf can happen everywhere!

CHIPPING 101 with coach laine



cornhole chipping challenge


Putting 101 with coach alex

indoor putt putt

craft time – animal golf balls

First Tee curriculum Spotlights…

STAR (A birdie level lesson)

Our current circumstances have reaffirmed what we already knew- First Tee curriculum is life changing. The perseverance, resilience and handling adversity that children learn through our classes is vital to their social and emotional well-being and development. The First Tee lessons are being used daily by all of us as we  navigate this trying time. There is one lesson we can all benefit from that is taught at the Birdie level called STAR. This acronym provides 4 steps for handling a challenging situation.


When you face a challenge in life, the first step in deciding how to overcome it is to STOP what you are doing or what you are getting ready to do. This allows you to pause and gives your mind a break.


The next step in good decision-making is to THINK of your choices. What are some of the choices you have in this situation? Take time to think of as many choices as possible.


The third step is to ANTICIPATE the consequences (good or bad) of each choice. When you anticipate the consequences of each choice, think how the choice will affect your ability to reach your goals.


After you have identified all your choices and you have anticipated the consequences of each choice, the final step is to RESPOND by picking the best choice. What makes something the best choice? The best choice is the one that helps you get to your goal. What one person considers the best choice may differ from what another thinks is best.

Dreams & Goals (a birdie level lesson)

Tomorrow is waiting
…for dreams to be dreamed
…for goals to be reached,
Tomorrow is waiting
…to be yours
The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams

What is a dream?
A cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal
What is a goal?
The object of a person’s ambition or effort; desired result

A goal is a dream that you work hard to make come true.

A-L-R  (a Par level life skill)

During the Par level, we introduce an active listening strategy called A-L-R aka Ask – Listen – Respond.  Ask the other person some questions.  Try asking an open-ended question.  A question that doesn’t need a YES or NO response.  Listen to what the other person says.  Then Respond to what the other person has said.

At Home Activity: When you arrive for your first class think about what question(s) you could ask someone new to get to know him/her better and help him/her feel welcome?

Write them down so you can reference for later!  If you have a Par yardage book you can find space on page 19.

A PLAYer shows Meeting & Greeting with A-L-R in his/her actions by:

  1. Introducing himself/herself at the start of each golf round (or school year)
  2. Gets to know playing partners by asking open-ended questions

When you meet someone new make sure to use these five steps:

  1. Face the other person
  2. Smile and look him or her in the eye
  3. Give a firm handshake (or an awesome air five!)
  4. State your name clearly and loudly enough to be heard
  5. If you need information, ask a question

staying cool with the 4 r’s (a Par level life skill)

Staying Cool
1. Having a good attitude even when in a frustrating or uncontrollable situation
2. In golf, take a practice swing and hold a balanced finished to either remember shots you like or delete shots you don’t.
The 4 R’s can help you stay cool and control yourself in anything you do; in golf, other sports, home or school.
Replay – Think about what you did and what you wanted to do.  Do they match? If they do, then take a second to enjoy what you did well and store it in your memory.  If they don’t, then go through the second, third and fourth Rs.
Relax – Feel yourself taking a deep breath, with a slow exhale.
Ready – Think about what you will do differently next time.
Redo – Imagine yourself doing it better.  You can also take a physical practice swing or stroke that matches what you imagine.
Remember: You can use the 4Rs to remember what you are doing well!!
In challenging times the 4R’s can be extremely helpful to not feel overwhelmed and stay cool under pressure.  Whether it is a difficult math problem, trouble reading a sentence, or logging into your virtual classroom/meeting, the 4R’s can be your best friend to help you through!

Respect and Courtesy

Respect – to be nice and kind in one’s actions
Courtesy – being or acting polite to others
First Tee Code of Conduct is reviewed at all levels and practiced at each of our classes. There are 3 parts as it relates to our classes and like all of our core value and life skills lessons, these can also be applied at home, school, work and other activities:
Respect for Myself
  • I will keep a positive attitude and catch myself doing something right regardless of the outcome.
  • I will be physically active, eat well, get enough sleep, and be safe so I can stay healthy
Respect for Others
  • I will be friendly, courteous, and helpful.
Respect for my Surrounding
  • I will keep my house clean and in as good or better shape than I found it.