Add some “fantasy” fun and excitement to this season’s golf majors AND support the First Tee mission to grow great kids through golf! Participate in our GolfMania fundraiser to help us introduce more kids to the great game of golf and teach them its inherent positive values.

How to Play

Each GolfMania game card includes four random groups of five golfers—a different group for each of the four majors. Depending on the group’s total score, you could win one of 18 cash prizes paid out for each major. View payout schedule.

Game cards are $20 each. Best deal for you and the Chapter: BUY-5-GET-A-6th-FOR FREE!  Seventy percent of your purchase price is a direct donation to our Chapter. GolfMania sales close Wed, April 8. The action begins Thursday, April 9 at The Masters!

Play GolfMania for first tee  Kids today!

The Fine Print: GolfMania is a sweepstakes hosted by CharityMania, a silver partner of First Tee. Each of your game card purchases also includes code you can use to download music from CharityStudios!


Important COVID-19 Update!

On April 6, the governing bodies of professional golf updated the schedule for golf’s major championships due to the COVID-19 outbreak. For each of the three Major tournaments that have been postponed, GolfMania will calculate winners and award prize money as normal when the tournaments are played.  The only change to the games are the dates on which the tournaments are played. Everything else will stay the same. GolfMania tickets can be activated up until the new dates before each tournament is played.

The British Open has officially been cancelled for 2020.  As a result, Charity Mania will implement their contingency plan and use scores from a replacement tournament to calculate winners.  The current plan is to use scores from The Masters held on November 12-15.  Therefore, when the Masters is played, GolfMania will calculate winners for both the British Open and the Masters contests at the same time, but independent of each other.

The golfers assigned to the British Open on all GolfMania game cards will be awarded scores from their performance in The Masters on November 12-15.  The odds of winning and calculation of winners will be the same as if the British Open had been played.  The winners for this contest will simply be based on the golfers’ scores from The Masters instead.